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Tiburon Fire Protection District is a combination department with 21 career safety employees, one clerical and one finance officer, 18 volunteer firefighters, and six trainee firefighters. Protecting the town of Tiburon, California, Belvedere, California, and surrounding area, the Fire District’s boundaries represent a diverse community with responsibility for commercial, residential, wildland/urban interface, and parts of the San Francisco bay to Angel Island State Park.

It is the mission of the Tiburon Fire Protection District to provide all-risk preparation and response which enhances the safety and well-being of the citizens and visitors and their property prior to and during fire, medical, and environmental or man-made emergencies.



Press Release -  PR2014- 02


EVENT:                                 Siren, Telephone Emergency Notification System and

840AM Radio Test

DATE:                                   04/17/2014

TIME:                                    12:00 pm

LOCATION:                         Tiburon and BelvederePeninsula


On April 17th at twelve noon, the TiburonPeninsula will sound its six emergency sirens for the second time this year. The sirens are located at 277 Karen Way (BelAireSchool), Fire Station 10 at 4301 Paradise Dr., 105 Avenida Miraflores (Del Mar Middle School) 199 Kleinert Way (The Tiburon Corporation Yard), Fire Station 11 at 1679 Tiburon Blvd and 3700 Paradise Drive. The siren system alerts people to tune into the local radio station for information.


The sirens were last tested on February 20th 2014.  At that time, the sirens at 4301 Paradise Drive had not yet been installed fully.  During the test, it was discovered that one of the sirens, located at 199 Kleinert Way, did not properly rotate.  Since the previous siren test, work has been done to correct these issues.


The siren test on April 17th will test the three different alert tones the sirens can produce.  The purpose of this test will be to make sure the various tones function properly and to determine which tone is the most clearly audible over the widest area.  In order to do this, each tone will be sounded for approximately two minutes, with a 20-30 second break in between.  The test will also ensure the sirens are now in proper working order.


Volunteers and City/Town employees will be positioned around the peninsula during the test and will report back their findings on siren and radio clarity after the test is complete.  The results will be used to determine the best alert tone to use in the event of an emergency to ensure the greatest population is reached.


The Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS) will also be tested again.  Since the previous siren test there has been a push for people to register their contact information at  Emergency notification via home and cell phone, email and text is available and a great addition, or alternative to the sirens. The service is free of charge and will be used by emergency services to alert affected areas in the event of an emergency situation. The siren and TENS notification alerts people to tune into SNAP radio 840 am for more information on local emergency situations.


Residents are encouraged to register for emergency notification at and be prepared on April 17th, to receive a test emergency notification as well as to listen for the siren, and tune into 840am.


PLEASE REFER ANY QUESTIONS TO:   Laurie K. Nilsen, Emergency Services Coordinator.     Office: (415) 435-7386 Cell: (415) 871-6526


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