Volunteer Firefighters

Established in 1941 the Tiburon Volunteer Fire Department continues to provide vital support to the Tiburon Fire District. With a volunteer staff of 18 personnel, members living in the communities of Tiburon and Belvedere are trained in all aspects of fire suppression, first aid, and disaster response.

The Volunteer Fire Department is funded through donations and fundraisers such as the annual Firefighters Ball, Tiburon Triathlon and Community events. Funds raised by the Volunteer Fire Department support activities throughout the community. Over the past 10 years the Volunteer Fire Department has funded the AED (automatic defibrillator) Program, Get Ready 94920 Disaster Preparedness Program and numerous contributions the the Fire District’s ongoing mission of top quality programs in the community.

Citizens living within the Belvedere/Tiburon area interested in becoming a member of the Volunteer Fire Department can contact jobs@tiburonfire.org.

The Tiburon Volunteer Firefighters represent a large part of our organization. They are our second line of defense by responding to emergencies that occur in our community. Our Volunteer Firefighters donate their time, train to a high standard and participate in all aspects of Department functions.

Our Volunteers work along side the paid Firefighters. They contribute greatly to our operation, are a large part of our public relations organization and remind us of what true service still can be.

Tiburon Fire - Volunteer Firefighters