Project Plan Submittal Review Guidelines


  • Follow Policy 400 and fill out a Tiburon Fire District Application Form- click on the link: TFPD Permit Application.
  • Review all Policies and add pursuant information onto your application.  Additional Scope of Work Details are also accepted as an attachment to the Application.
  • Submit project plans, and required documents, electronically to
  • Fees will be paid BEFORE the plan is approved.  An email shall be sent with fees upon receipt by TFD staff. Review the Master Fee Schedule.
  • The plans must be approved before the work can start. Failure to comply shall result in citation and reporting to the CSLB.

Fees for Plan Review are best paid by setting up an account on with all transactions being digital. Your invoice does contain a link to pay by credit card after setting up a login for that function.   The Tiburon Fire District does accept checks in the appropriate amount, but any discrepancy will hinder the typical 14 business day turnaround.  Any plans found deficient are sent back and the re-submittal is the date they fall into our review cue time.  No re-submittals get expedited.

Automatic fire sprinkler plans, alarm system plans and engineered automatic extinguishing system plans shall be stamped and signed by the appropriate designer/engineer. Work may only commence after the plans have been approved and a copy of the approved plans are at the job site with the TFD stamped “Job Copy” in bold.

Failure to have Job Copy Approved plans onsite and the corresponding permit card will result in an automatic re-schedule and subsequent failure.  Fines may occur pursuant to the Fee schedule linked above.  All fines shall be paid before the next inspection shall commence.

All contractors should know that we always combine our permit with the building construction permit in accordance with Section 105.1.3 CFC. Special Event permits will be issued independently pursuant to CFC Section 105 and Ordinance #129.  

Inspections are requested via email at