Wildland Urban Interface Inspection Schedule

In the Tiburon Fire District, Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) parcels exist that are required to be inspected annually. This year’s Vegetation Management Inspection Program (VMIP) of the WUI parcels in the District have been divided into 8 zones A through H.  This zoning allows Fire Prevention staff the opportunity to invite homeowners to make appointments (when feasible) during the week that Zone’s inspections are to be completed.  In the letter sent out to each Zone, there is an email and phone contact for Inspection requests for that week.

If no access is available to the property, staff may use Aerial imagery to make the best assessment of the vegetation on your property.  Permission is required for us to enter your property, so please contact mlantier@tiburonfire.org.

Click on this link for a copy of the field worksheet we will use to asses your property. A formal report will be sent to you.  TFD VMIP Field Worksheet


Click HERE to access the TFD WUI map also found in the Bureau Policies page.


Zone A– roughly 100 WUI parcels on Antonette, Bond, Cibrian, Mateo, Park, Parente, Ranch, Taylor and Paradise (#4545-#5050).

Zone B–  roughly 108 WUI parcels on Eden, Hillcrest, Norman, Old Landing, Playa Verde, Seafirth and Paradise (#4415-#3668).

Zone C– roughly 102 WUI parcels on Mar Centro, Mar East, Teaberry and Paradise (#3650-#2380).

Zone D– roughly 108 WUI parcels on Cazadero, Esperanza, Lagoon View, Mountain View, Ridge, Spanish Trail, Straits View, Vistazo West, Vista Del Mar and the TPC property.

Zone E– roughly 163 WUI parcels on Acela, Audrey, Berke, Heathcliff, High Meadow, Lyford, Mt. Tiburon, Place Moulin, Red Hill, Rolling Hills, Round Hill, St. Gabrielle, Stevens, and Sugarloaf.

Zone F– roughly 100 WUI parcels on Avenida Miraflores, Francisco Vista, Gilmartin, Mantegani, Miraflores, Owlswood, Stony Hill, Tiburon Blvd., Via Paraiso East and Via Paraiso West.

Zone G– roughly 100 WUI parcels on Acacia, Benton, Geldert, Hacienda, Rock Hill, Tanfield, Warren and Wilkins.

Zone H– roughly 148 parcels on Comstock, Juno, Mercury, Porto Marino, Redding, Shepard, Silverado, Stewart, Trestle Glen, Turtle Rock, Venus and Virginia.



Zone Inspection Week Zone Inspection Week
Zone A June 1-5, 2020 Zone E July 6-17, 2020 
Zone B June 8-12, 2020 Zone F July 20-31 , 2020
Zone C June 15-19, 2020 Zone G August 3-14, 2020
Zone D June 22-26, 2020 Zone H August 17-28, 2020