Bureau Policies

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Tiburon Fire District Wildland Urban Interface Map

2016 Ordinance #128

Fee Schedule

421.1 Operational Use Permits

421.3 Fees

421.5 Re-Inspection Fees

421.7 Contractor Payment and Pickup of plans

421.9 Required Fire Sprinkler Permits

421.11 Penalties for Work Done without Permits

421.13 Tenant Improvement Sprinkler Permits

423.1 Knox Box and Knox Switch Locations

423.3 Fire Watch Requirements

423.5 Alternative Power Supplies

423.7 Tents and Temporary Membrane Structures


425.1 General Guidelines

425.3 Fire District Access

425.5 Driveway and Access Road Width

425.7 Fire Apparatus Turnaround

425.9 Driveway, Roadway and Access Road Turning Radius

425.11 Driveway and Access Road Maximum Slope of Grade

425.13 Fire Hydrant Spacing and Fire Flow

425.15 Traffic Calming Devices

427.1 Red Tag-Stop Work Order

427.3 Fire Hydrant Fire Flow Testing Procedures

429.1 Fire Sprinkler Control Valve Access

429.3 Fire Sprinklers in Elevator Shafts

429.7 Residential Sprinkler Systems

431.1 Fire Alarm Plan Symbols

433.1 WUI Map

433.3 Vegetation Management-WUI Areas

433.5 Vegetation Management in NON-WUI

433.7 Green Roof Approved Plant List

433.9 Vegetation Plan Example

435 BBQ Fire Code-Explanation

Prohibited Plants and Trees

2017 Fire Resistant Plant List_FireSafeMarin

2018 Fire Prone Plants_FireSafeMarin