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The following areas should be the primary focus to providing defensible space:

  • Cutting dry grasses and brush 10 feet from roads, driveways, and property lines, 30 feet from the home, and up to 150 feet for homes affected by steep slopes.
  • Trimming back branches that are smaller than three inches in diameter that are within 10 feet of the structure.
  • Clearing out dead debris, including buildup of leaves, needles, and tree droppings, from decks, roofs, exterior stairs and walkways, and gutters.
  • Removing dead vegetation from the property, including the buildup of dead debris and droppings from within shrubs, bushes, and trees.
  • Limbing up trees by cutting low hanging branches 10 feet from the ground and cutting branches from other trees and shrubs to create adequate spacing.

Vegetation Management Program – During the effective time of this operational directive, all interactions with contractors and the public shall be limited. Projects shall continue as planned however, limited contact with contractors and the public shall include BSI precautions outlined in the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing and hand-to-hand contact. All community events shall be canceled or postponed until after this operational directive has been canceled. The use of zoom meetings is approved in the place of person-to-person meetings and should be utilized whenever possible during the effective period of this operational directive.

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