COVID-19- Fire Inspection Guidelines- PHASE 2

Phase II - Sequential Opening



The following shall be REQUIRED prior to scheduling and receiving an inspection:

All projects shall meet the Project Safety Protocols outline active since May 2020. Please review the following appendices prior to scheduling your inspection as failure to comply may result in the cancelation of the inspection as determined by the Inspecting Authority.

Appendix B1 – Small Construction Project Safety Protocol

Appendix B2 – Large Construction Project Safety Protocol

  • Contact Fire Prevention 24 hours in advance at (415) 435-7207 to request an inspection.
  • You are required to contact Tiburon Fire District if at anytime, jobsite personnel or residents become COVID-19 symptomatic, test positive or are hospitalized.
  • All jobsite personnel or residents shall vacate the occupancy 30 minutes prior to the inspection.
  • Minimize interactions and maintain social distancing with fire inspectors, and others detail in Appendix B-1 (2:ax) or Appendix B-2 (2:f:vi).
  • All jobsite personnel shall use PPE per Appendix B-1 (2:j) and Appendix B-2 (2:c).
  • All doors and windows shall be opened, and all HVAC systems shut down.
  • Plans, permit documents (including job card) shall be laid out and available inside the building.
  • For more information, please email Deputy Fire Marshal Mike Lantier at or (415) 531-3883.

Please note we reserve the right to cancel, suspend, or limit inspections at anytime based on changes and updates to State and County shelter orders.

For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus, please see