Chipper/ Vegetation Removal Days 2020

The Tiburon Fire Protection District, Tiburon Fire Volunteers, Town of Tiburon Public Works Department, and City of Belvedere Public Works are co-sponsoring the second  Chipper/Vegetation Removal Event of 2020 on June 13th from 9AM until 4PM at Blackie’s Pasture.  This will be compliant to COVID-19 Social Distancing for drop-off in the front dirt lot. Unlimited drop-offs and all clippings, cuttings, and bulk vegetation are accepted.  No plastic bags or tarps will be accepted in the piles, so dump the vegetation and keep your plastics!!!

All Tiburon and Belvedere residents can drive their vegetation cuttings and “slash” to Blackie’s Pasture to be piled for chipper removal courtesy of City of Belvedere & Town of Tiburon Public Works staff & equipment.  Vehicles are to dump the cuttings in the assigned area with direction from staff and only need to indicate the address from where the cut vegetation was removed.  This information is used to track compliance efforts and target tonnage removal.

In an effort to meet the Marin County Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan’s goal to remove overgrowth and create Defensible Space for residents of the Peninsula, this event serves to continue to make our area better protected against wildfire.  The season for vegetation management begnis May 1st and runs through fire season.


Drop-offs will have a designated slot indicated by a white strip in the gravel.  Unloading by you is expected. Assistance is available, but will keep to Social Distancing and COVID precautions.  WEAR MASKS AT ALL TIMES.  PLEASE USE GLOVES.

ALL VEGETATION IS WELCOMED TOMORROW, BUT NO PLASTIC BAGS OR TARPS. Unlimited loads and your address is required to be provided for permission to unload. If you are using someone other than yourself to drop-off, please write a note of your address, sign it and give to your representative.

The following dates are the remaining 4 events planned for 2020 and are always the Second Saturday of the month (May through September)

Saturday June 13th- 9AM-4PM

Saturday July 11th- 9AM-4PM

Saturday August 8th- 9AM-4PM 

Saturday September 12th- 9AM-4PM


For more information on this event, residents can call (415) 435-7207 or to learn more about Defensible Space, go to the Tiburon Fire District website at and click on the Prevention Tab to find the Defensible Space page.