Probie’s Page

Monthly Safety Message

The Monthly Safety Message exists to provide residents of Tiburon with important safety information on a monthly basis. The Tiburon Fire Department prides itself on the education of it’s citizens and urges all residents to check the Monthly Safety Message regularly for important fire and safety related information.

Public Access Defibrillator

The Tiburon Fire District is passionate about saving lives and enhancing the quality of the lives we save. We feel so strongly about the value this program can bring to you we are willing to give this gift of life to you and your patrons. Click Read More to learn all about Tiburon’s Public Access Defibrillator program.

Vial of Life

The “Vial of L.I.F.E.” program is a collaborative effort supported by Sutter Health (Marin General Hospital and Novato Community Hospital), Kaiser Permanente, the County of Marin, the Marin Fire Chiefs Association and the Marin County Fire Department. The program is intended to provide community members with a method to store medical information in the home.

Kid’s Corner

The Tiburon Fire Department’s Kid’s Corner exists to educate young members of our community about fire and general safety in a fun and engaging way. Click the Read More button to explore the Kid’s Corner, check out the coloring pages and the awesome pictures of Probie the Fire Dog.