Extreme Weather Related Emergencies


 Extreme Weather Related Emergencies

December 3, 2014

This morning at approximately 0300 hours, the Southern Marin area was hit with major rainfall that resulted in significant flooding issues.  Firefighters from Mill Valley, Southern Marin, Tiburon and Marin County responded to several events in the region.  Local weather stations reported rainfall of 1.6 inches over a three hour period.

Firefighters responded to both businesses and homes that were impacted by flooding as a result of the heavy rainfall.  One area that sustained significant flooding included the Cove Shopping Center that reportedly had over three inches of standing water in the parking lot.  A number of homes were also impacted, and damage varied depending on location.

Firefighters continue to work with businesses and residents in assisting mitigation efforts and will likely be responding to additional impacts from the weather today.

NOAA predicts that weather for the remainder of the day include a high tide at approximately 0900 this morning, as well as ongoing rainfall for the remainder of the day.  Regular weather updates can be found at NOAA’s website: www.noaa.gov/wx.html.

Citizens should be attentive to potential impacts from the heavy rainfall including additional flooding, potential slides, and impacted utilities such as blocked road drains and downed power lines.

Sandbags are located at:

Martin Brothers 383-2025, 232 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley.  Have bags and sand – must               fill yourself

Goodman’s 388-6233, 775 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley. Have bags – empty and full

Water Components 451-1780, 44 Simms, San Rafael. Have bags empty and full

Belvedere Residents – Belvedere DPW, across from 50 Lagoon, Belvedere PD and 71                Westshore

Tiburon Residents – Tiburon Police Department, lower parking lot

For additional information, contacts for each Fire Agency include:

Mill Valley & Southern Marin Fire:  Battalion Chief Scott Barnes – (415) 306-6554

Marin County: Deputy Chief Mark Brown – (415) 499-6717

Tiburon: Information Officer Jessica Power – (415) 531-3883